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Some wacky ideas for fighting a Big Box store in your town.

If they try and open in your town, attend every zoning board meeting.  Take pictures at other Big Box locations and show them at the meeting. Force them to provide environmental impact statements, traffic studies and urine samples.
If they do open in your town, buy stuff from them, open it, then return it.  Complain loudly in front of everyone about the poor quality.  Get their highly compensated employees really frustrated so they are in a foul mood for the next customer.
If there are local laws about item pricing contact the consumer affairs department of your town or county and file a complaint (Big Box stores almost never price items). Check local zoning codes and complain if the store violates sign, lighting, trash or other regulations.
Fill up carts with merchandise, then leave it in the aisle.  Even better, bring the cart to the checkout, and after they ring it all up say "Oops, forgot my money in the car.  Be right back!" Leave and don't come back.
Ask an employee for bogus products - "Do you stock fallopian tubes?" "Where are the butt plugs?" If they don't know, tell them to ask the manager, then leave while they're checking.

Do you have more ideas?  Let us know and maybe we'll add them to this page.  By the way, we're just kidding about all those ideas....remember this is just a parody site. Doing bad things to the wonderful owners of the Big Box would be really, really mean.